Take control

Life can only be worth living if you embrace it and be the author of it, it is foolish to allow someone other than yourself to chart your course in life.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's what I do

It is quite hilarious in the things I am often confronted with whether it's by direct or indirect actions, and because some people are not able or refuse to chart their course in any circumstance, they often are at the whim or exploitations of others. Some months ago before my retirement there was this gentleman that had heard of my pending departure from the firm in which I was employed [I had not confided in the gentleman of my retirement], he made the mistake of saying to me "you are going to be bored", most people I suppose base their opinion from what they have heard others say in retirement or on their own lack-luster life, almost everything that is worth doing correctly and with any measure of success must be thought out  meticulously. I replied, bull -ht, planning is the key that one must use to have a retirement that is enjoyable. But then, I know of many people that live their lives as though they take no thought as to what they intend to do with the one life that they have. Some make the mistake of making a job or career their life, not realizing that a career or job can never complete a life that is worth living but rather [job or career] is a means for them to engage into other avenues that will bring about fulfillment and to be quite frank, about their career, often times, they do not particularly like the job they are doing or the people in which they must engage on a daily basis. I have known people that made their children their "life" only to realize later that that child  decided to exclude them or at the very least limit them in their lives (the parents). There are those for whatever reason try to interject their philosophy on life onto another, and there are those that seems to always think they know better than oneself of what they should be doing, i.e., someone is always trying to nudge me into something in my retirement months[which will become years hopefully] it bears to listen to some of this but I prefer to reject it all, for  I am the Captain of my ship and I will not allow another to be at the helm, no sir, I don't believe I will, for " it's what I do" with my own life that count.